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 Here are the list of theatres in Yerevan: 
Agulis Puppet Theatre
Address: 29 Abovian Str., Yerevan


  The Agulis Puppet Theatre-Studio was established in 1988. Performances include: “Three piglets", “Red hat", "Hansel and Gretel", and “Kikos". 


G. Sundukian National Academic Theatre
Address: 6 G. Lusavorich Str., Yerevan


  Founded in 1922, the Sundukian National Academic Theatre is the oldest modern theatre in Armenia. The statues of G. Sundukian, the founder of the Armenian school of realistic drama and his literary character Pepo greet patrons as they enter the theatre. Legendary actors and actresses such as V. Ajemian, V. Potpomogov, V. Papazian, H. Ghaplanian, H. Nersisian, Hasmik, A. Avetisian, and A.Voskanian have all graced the stage with their presence. Today, the theatre performs national as well as foreign works, such as: Sundoukian’s “The testament", Mouratsan’s “Rouzan", Shant’s “Ancient gods", Sargissian’s “The unnecessary man", Zeytountsian’s “All rise! Court’s in session!", Nikolai’s “Return to Sorrento", Camus’s “Caligula", Chekhov’s “The cherry garden", Williams’s “Streetcar named Desire", O’Neil’s “Love under the elms", Haroutiounian’s “Mr. Shmo and others", Khodikian’s “A woman After the rain", Sharoyan’s “Our share of joy". 


H. Ghaplanyan Drama Theatre
Address: 28 Issahakian Str., Yerevan


  The Ghaplanyan Drama Theatre opened its doors in 1967. The diverse repertoire includes both the works of classical and modern authors, such as Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet", Siva's "The endless Return", Zeytuntsian's "Jesus From Nazareth and his second disciple", Gorin's "To forget Herostrates", Startiev’s “The Bus", Adalian’s “The woman and the man", Paronian’s “Comedy", Molier’s “Doctor Perforce", Knanjian’s “Hi, geeks!", Saroyan’s “My heart is in the highlands", and Nikolay’s “To kill for love". 


H. Paronyan State Theatre of Musical Comedy
Address: 7 V. Sargissian Str., Yerevan


  The Paronyan State Theatre of Musical Comedy was established in 1941. Outstanding actors such as Grigoryan, Khachvankyan, Sarian, Danzas, Hamajian, Karagyozian and many others have showcased their talents on the stages of this theatre. Both Armenian as well as European writers comprise the repertoire of this central theatre. They includes: Ananian’s “Here I am" and “Lord, don’t leave us lord-less", Papazyan’s “Parisian bridegroom", Aghasarian’s “A crazy day", Freidau’s “Doubts in a woman’s heart", Kancheli’s “Khanuma’s tricks", Aristophanes’s “Lysistrata", Marivaux’s “The game of love and chance", Phigeredo’s “Aesop", Patrick’s “Strange Miss Savage", Sundukian’s “Khatabala", Paronian’s “The oriental dentists", Kotoyan’s “My mother-in-law", de Philipo’s “Philumena Marturano", and de Vega’s “The gardener’s dog". 


H. Tumanyan State Puppet Theatre
Address: 4 Sayat-Nova Ave., Yerevan


  The Tumanyan State Puppet Theatre was founded in 1935. The current repertoire of the theatre includes performances for both children and adults. The repertoire consists of: Tumanian's "The dog and the cat", "Hunter the fibber", and "The invisible cock", the Grimm Brothers' "Musicians against their will", Aghayan's "Anahit", Volkov's "Under the star of Bethlehem", Martirossian's "New adventures of the wolf and the kids", Manarian's "The dwarf's song" and "The three piglets", Gorky's "The sparrow", Mouradian's "The tailless fox", Pushkin's "The golden fish", and Andersen's "Little Ida's flowers". 


Hamazgayin Theatre
Address: 26 Amiryan Str., Yerevan


  The Hamazgayin Theatre was founded in 1991, with a repertoire for both children and adults as well as performances in different genres. The troupe of the theatre includes a lively mix of famous as well as up-and-coming artists, and has taken part in many International Festivals. Their repertoire includes two performances for adults and three for children. 


Henrik Malian Theatre of ArmenFilm Studio
Address: 18 Vardanants Str. (Cinema House), Yerevan




K. Stanislavski State Russian Drama Theatre
Address: 7 Abovyan Str., Yerevan


  The Stanislavski State Russian Drama Theatre was established in 1937. The first actors of the theatre were invited from Moscow, Leningrad (Saint Petersburg), Tbilisi, and Baku. In short order, Armenian graduates from the Yerevan Theatre Institute supplemented the first troupe. Presently the theatre includes Russian classical and modern works, plays by Armenian and foreign authors, and performances for children. These include: Gorin’s “Funeral prayer", Griboedov’s “Wit works woe", Gourkin’s “Baykalian quadrille", Shant’s “The princess of the fallen fortress", Sundukian’s “The ruined home", Ishkhanian’s “The king of Kilikia", Orton’s “What the butler saw", Lasege’s “Oh these French doings", Letrase’s “Baby", Chenau’s “Good luck", Benedetti-“I don’t know you anymore, Tyatte’s “The golden fish", Grigorian and Marinossian’s “Broken chain", and Ostrovski’s “The rainstorm". The performances for children are: Marshak’s “Cat’s house" and “Tower house", Andersen’s “The princess and the soldier", Ustinov’s “Alyona’s lick", and Moroz and Shugurov’s “The princess and the pea". 


Metro Theatre
Address: Garegin Nzhdeh Metro Station, Yerevan


  The Metro Theatre was founded in 1992. Its repertoire includes: Panilov’s “The Topaz", Kocharian’s “The guest", Kalinovski-“The beast on the moon", Monier’s “Paris is a dangerous city", Konstantinov’s “Diogen", Sartre’s “Time to gather the stones" as well as “Hey jan Chachastan!" based on the tales of Tumanian. 


Mher Mkrtchyan Artistic Theatre
Address: 18 Khorenatsi Str., Yerevan




State Marionette Theatre
Address: 43 Mashtots Ave., Yerevan


  The State Marionette Theatre was established in 1987. Due to the efforts of talented directors and artists Marukhian, Gamjian, Elbakian, Badalian, and Harutiounian many captivating performances have been performed, such as "Kikos", "The talking fish", "The master and the servant", "The meeting of mice", "The girl and the bear", and "The real friend". 


State Musical Chamber Theatre
Address: 1 Proshyan Str., blind alley #1, "Marshal Baghramyan" Metro Station, Yerevan


  State Musical Chamber Theatre was founded in 1997. The repertoire of the theatre includes: "The Humpback from Notre Dam" after the musical "The Cathedral of Notre Dam" by Kociante and Plamandona, Musical Drama "Bernauer's Daughter" by Carl Oriff. "Cats" musical by A. L. Webber is performed here as well. For the comical opera lovers, "Kikos" opera by V. Ajemian is staged. 


State Song Theatre of Armenia
Address: 13a Khanjyan Str., Yerevan




State Youth Theater
Address: 3 Baghramyan Str., Yerevan




Yerevan Chamber Theatre
Address: 58 Mashtots Ave., Yerevan


  The curtain of Yerevan State Chamber Theatre was raised in 1982. The troupe of the theatre consists of non-professional experimentalist actors. The repertoire includes world-famous traditional plays and distinctive performances: Shakespeare's "Hamlet", "Titanic-Made in Armenia", "Gentlemen, the World is Braking Down, but We Can Still Live and Have Fun", "David Copperfield of Sasoun" and many other. The performances, mainly comedies are accompanied with live jazz music. The theatre has its picture gallery, film studio and jazz ensemble. 


Yerevan State Theatre of the Young Spectator
Address: 3 Moskovian Str., Yerevan
Phone: (+374 10) 563040, 565061


  Yerevan State Theatre of the Young Spectator raised its curtains in 1929. Currently, the theatre presents productions of various Armenian authors and international classics such as Shakespeare, Schiller, Goldony, Molier, Ostrovsky, Saltikov-Shedrin, and Sophocles.